Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Northern Europe Cruise - Catch the Summer Senses

Northern Europe Cruise star on September 19th to September 24th.Catch the Summer tail,Enjoy a sense of cool Nordic journey. Swedish mountains is called the last wilderness in Europe, during a stroll in the cold stream beside the rest, you can enjoy the beauty and tranquility, colorful terrain, forests, grasslands, lakes intertwined.If you want to start your journey.

Northern Europe Cruise

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Viking Elegant - luxury cruise ship

Viking Elegant - luxury cruise ship.

Viking Elegant is the world's one and only one LNG-fueled large luxury cruise ships. The wheel 214 meters long, 31.8 meters wide, with a total tonnage of 57,000 tons at a cost of 240 million euros. Turku shipyard construction started in 2007, formally delivered January 15, 2013. Since then, the Vikings Elegant number has been cruising on the route between Turku and Stockholm, Sweden.

Viking River Cruises is a major cruise company in Finland, and its luxury cruise run between Helsinki, Finland, Turku, Stockholm, Sweden, Estonia Tallinn every day. On the Helsinki to Stockholm, Turku to Stockholm route, will cruise through the capital of the autonomous island of Aland line - Mariehamn. Since the autonomous Aland Islands did not participate in the European Customs Union, and therefore can legally operate duty-free goods on a cruise ship docked in Mariehamn.

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Looking forward to a European River cruise

Looking forward to a European River cruise - Viking

Cruise lines industry overcomes a string of disasters. The industry's worst fears, of a collapse in cruise bookings, proved to be misplaced. But the European cruise market is still stagnant. Big cruise lines face new competitors.

Cruise Line usually select the most stunning destinations—Cruise to Europe---To discover architectural marvels, authentic cuisine and rich cultural traditions on cruises into a region that offers all these in abundance and more---Looking forward to a European River cruise.