Saturday, 27 September 2014

Cruise from Helsinki to Stockholm

Cruise from Helsinki to Stockholm - two nights, and most importantly - a full day in the city. Ferries arrive in the city center. 

Ferry company VIKING LINE together with the ferry to go to the center offers a mini-vacation from Sunday to Wednesday with friends and family for free! 

Offer valid only for travel agencies employees. 

At the special rate 1 agency employee may purchase 1 cabin for themselves and their families and friends.
Orders are carried out only through the Ferry Center.
Booking is open until October 31, 2014
You can take a trip up to December 22, 2014 
Surcharge for cabins with a window and on the other days of departure:
The cost is for the cabin surcharge !!!

Tuesday, 16 September 2014



Day 1:
30/12/14 Departure by bus from St. Petersburg at 22:30 from Moscow railway station (TC "Gallery" Ligovskij 30), moving to Finland. Crossing the border with a visit to the shop )Duty free).

31.12.14 City tour of Helsinki. Leisure time, shops are open until 15:00 (Christmas sale). Moving in Turku, a sightseeing tour of Turku. Register at the terminal at 20:55 departure ferry Viking Line )GRACE). Shops )Tax free) work after departure. In the pre-New Year 21:15 DINNER * (traditional buffet with wine, beer and soft drinks a 1 hour 40 minutes). Ferry gives you the opportunity to celebrate New Year twice - local and, of course, Moscow time! Entertainment on the ferry.

Day 2:
01.01.15 Breakfast *. Arrival to the center of Stockholm at 6:30. Exit the ferry and board the bus with things. Sightseeing bus tour in Stockholm, a walk through the old town. Open some shops and museums *. At 18:30 on the departure terminal, ferry departure at 20:00 Viking Line )AMORELLA). Dinner in 20: 30 * (a traditional Scandinavian buffet with wine, beer and soft drinks duration 1 hour 40 minutes). Shops )Tax free) work after departure. Entertainment on the ferry.

Day 3:
02.01.15 Breakfast *. Arrival in Turku at 07:35. Transfer to the border and walking tour of Gamla Borgo (Porvoo), may stop in the fish smokehouse. Crossing the border, in the evening arrival in St. Petersburg.