Thursday, 6 November 2014

Norway in a nutshell

Norway in a nutshell.Every one say:Norway is a heaven?What do you think?
Let's enjpy Norway's beautiful views blow:

Friday, 31 October 2014

The meeting place is Single Cruise 2014

Sweden's largest single event eases anchor again this year! Last year was filled vessel with over 1000 happy singles who all was ready for exciting encounters, laughter, activities and party all the way to the Åland Islands and back. Here we go, a new cruise!

Bring some friends and join us on this year's hottest Single Cruise along with the venue and the Viking Cinderella!

We travel from Stockholm, November 6 and spend 22 action-packed hours at sea. These hours will be filled with artistic entertainment, lectures, activities, and of course lots of singles!
The meeting place is Single Cruise 2014

Together with Viking Line waiting a cruise with a full program. On stage will Mikael Rickfors, Andreas Weise and Anna Sahlene to bid on awesome live music. Tony Irving of dancers will entertain in the nightclub floors. He will also teach their latest moves. Pär Johansson from happy Hudiksvall will keep in an inspirational lecture and you will, among other things also have the opportunity to participate in ice-breaker, meeting site's own form of speed dating.

Secure your cabin today and follow with 22 action-packed hours at sea!

Read about and see photos from last year's single cruise

The meeting place is Single Cruise 2014

The meeting place is Single Cruise organized in collaboration with Viking Line.

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Cruise from Helsinki to Stockholm

Cruise from Helsinki to Stockholm - two nights, and most importantly - a full day in the city. Ferries arrive in the city center. 

Ferry company VIKING LINE together with the ferry to go to the center offers a mini-vacation from Sunday to Wednesday with friends and family for free! 

Offer valid only for travel agencies employees. 

At the special rate 1 agency employee may purchase 1 cabin for themselves and their families and friends.
Orders are carried out only through the Ferry Center.
Booking is open until October 31, 2014
You can take a trip up to December 22, 2014 
Surcharge for cabins with a window and on the other days of departure:
The cost is for the cabin surcharge !!!

Tuesday, 16 September 2014



Day 1:
30/12/14 Departure by bus from St. Petersburg at 22:30 from Moscow railway station (TC "Gallery" Ligovskij 30), moving to Finland. Crossing the border with a visit to the shop )Duty free).

31.12.14 City tour of Helsinki. Leisure time, shops are open until 15:00 (Christmas sale). Moving in Turku, a sightseeing tour of Turku. Register at the terminal at 20:55 departure ferry Viking Line )GRACE). Shops )Tax free) work after departure. In the pre-New Year 21:15 DINNER * (traditional buffet with wine, beer and soft drinks a 1 hour 40 minutes). Ferry gives you the opportunity to celebrate New Year twice - local and, of course, Moscow time! Entertainment on the ferry.

Day 2:
01.01.15 Breakfast *. Arrival to the center of Stockholm at 6:30. Exit the ferry and board the bus with things. Sightseeing bus tour in Stockholm, a walk through the old town. Open some shops and museums *. At 18:30 on the departure terminal, ferry departure at 20:00 Viking Line )AMORELLA). Dinner in 20: 30 * (a traditional Scandinavian buffet with wine, beer and soft drinks duration 1 hour 40 minutes). Shops )Tax free) work after departure. Entertainment on the ferry.

Day 3:
02.01.15 Breakfast *. Arrival in Turku at 07:35. Transfer to the border and walking tour of Gamla Borgo (Porvoo), may stop in the fish smokehouse. Crossing the border, in the evening arrival in St. Petersburg.

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Northern Europe Cruise - Catch the Summer Senses

Northern Europe Cruise star on September 19th to September 24th.Catch the Summer tail,Enjoy a sense of cool Nordic journey. Swedish mountains is called the last wilderness in Europe, during a stroll in the cold stream beside the rest, you can enjoy the beauty and tranquility, colorful terrain, forests, grasslands, lakes intertwined.If you want to start your journey.

Northern Europe Cruise

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Viking Elegant - luxury cruise ship

Viking Elegant - luxury cruise ship.

Viking Elegant is the world's one and only one LNG-fueled large luxury cruise ships. The wheel 214 meters long, 31.8 meters wide, with a total tonnage of 57,000 tons at a cost of 240 million euros. Turku shipyard construction started in 2007, formally delivered January 15, 2013. Since then, the Vikings Elegant number has been cruising on the route between Turku and Stockholm, Sweden.

Viking River Cruises is a major cruise company in Finland, and its luxury cruise run between Helsinki, Finland, Turku, Stockholm, Sweden, Estonia Tallinn every day. On the Helsinki to Stockholm, Turku to Stockholm route, will cruise through the capital of the autonomous island of Aland line - Mariehamn. Since the autonomous Aland Islands did not participate in the European Customs Union, and therefore can legally operate duty-free goods on a cruise ship docked in Mariehamn.

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Looking forward to a European River cruise

Looking forward to a European River cruise - Viking

Cruise lines industry overcomes a string of disasters. The industry's worst fears, of a collapse in cruise bookings, proved to be misplaced. But the European cruise market is still stagnant. Big cruise lines face new competitors.

Cruise Line usually select the most stunning destinations—Cruise to Europe---To discover architectural marvels, authentic cuisine and rich cultural traditions on cruises into a region that offers all these in abundance and more---Looking forward to a European River cruise.

Thursday, 31 July 2014

Best Viking River Cruises ship at sea with luxury, comfort and excellent quality

Travel along the rivers of Europe and Russia exploring fascinating closely and convenience of elegant ships destinations. The holidays are all inclusive round trip flight from the U.S.., Guide, luxury cabins and gourmet meals.

The best way to experience the most beautiful in Europe, its architecture, rich cultural heritage of its rivers.

Viking River Cruises is within the list of the 10 best small cruises, made by Conde Nast Traveler list.

Their ships, crew and staff speak English and their ships offer a casual atmosphere, enjoy the facilities of the type Gourmet food, shore excursions, and if you prefer you can choose the all-inclusive plan that includes tickets Cruise tour and ground transportation.

Viking Cruises visits at least one port a day where you can download and explore small towns that would be inaccessible arrive by cruise ship at sea.

Viking River Cruises has a fleet of 18 ships, each of different sizes, the larger will fit 212 passengers and has a crew of 114 people and the smallest has a capacity for 124 passengers and has a crew of 28 people.

Now Viking River Cruises offers tours of China, visiting major rivers in this country. The luxury and comfort you found with Viking River Cruises will not have any other because it is the best line of river boats.

If you ever imagine crossing the major rivers of the world with luxury, comfort and excellent quality of service, do not hesitate and venture out in Viking River Cruises.

Viking River Cruises

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Viking show you the real Russia

Viking show you the real Russia
In viking european river cruise,you will see more popular cities,especially Russia.On a Viking European River Cruise you’ll enjoy a wealth of Russia history, culture and beauty.We will  visit two great cities immediately come to mind: Moscow and St. Petersburg.let Viking show you the real Russia.

Stockholm is situated on fourteen small islands of Lake Mälaren. You can admire the views of developing still on board - until our ferry passes archipelago coastal archipelago.

A truly better acquainted with the city slowly. In the beautiful Swedish capital offers a variety of entertainment at any time of year.

Stockholm - one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. But here you can not only admire the architecture. Visit one of the 80 museums in Stockholm, try the pickled herring and cake "Princess", shopping local designers. If you are traveling with kids, take a trip to Junibacken. And if you a bunch of friends - dance till dawn in one of the trendiest clubs.

In the Estonian capital are always welcome. Old Town - actually an open air museum, its narrow streets still remember the XV century. In the ancient building may well located cozy modern restaurant or comfort.

Aland Islands is ideal for outdoor activities. In our service center can book package tours. We will help you to book in advance for all cars and cycling, relaxing in the spa, golf or fishing. Most active travelers can enjoy all the entertainment at once.

Come to the wonderful island with friends or family. Walk through the ancient narrow streets, admire the sea views, learn to throw an ax and be sure to try the local saffron pancakes with berries and cream. In our service center you can book a hotel with ferry tickets.

We will cruise the romantic Danube and discover grand cities and quaint villages,enjoy.

Tips:We offer you the full list of all Viking cruise ships and their destinations – the biggest rivers of Europe and Asia.We are doing everything that you had a nice time on the road. On board our ferries are restaurants and cafes, nightclubs and shops. Detailed travel program can be obtained at a service center in the Information Desk on board. You can also ask questions about all destination cities.