Sunday, 31 May 2015

Europe Travel - Perfect cruise ship 2015

A cruise is an exciting and relaxing way to travel. At Europe Travel, we find that the interest in cruise travel is growing, many traveling on cruise and combine the trip with a stay of one or more destinations.

There are many benefits of choosing travel mold cruise. On a cruise travel you are aboard a floating luxury hotel, flying around between big cities or small charming islands, without having to unpack more than once.

Many cultural impressions

Travel aboard a cruise ship gives you all the facilities you could wish for. Several times during the journey calling at the cruise ship a new city or beautiful island. A cruise offers the opportunity to gather impressions from many different destinations over a relatively short period of time compared to travel, where you stay at the hotel.

Saturday, 30 May 2015

2015 Latest All Viking Line routes

Helsinki to Tallinn / Tallinn to Helsinki
Helsinki to Stockholm / Stockholm to Helsinki
Helsinki to Mariehamn / Mariehamn to Helsinki
Kapellskar to Mariehamn / Mariehamn to Kapellskar
Langnas to Turku / Turku to Langnas
Langnas to Stockholm / Stockholm to Langnas
Mariehamn to Stockholm / Stockholm to Mariehamn
Mariehamn to Turku / Turku to Mariehamn
Stockholm to Turku / Turku to Stockholm

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Viking tour Stockholm

Sweden offers many activities and attractions to cruise passengers. Enjoy a fine holiday in the stylish Stockholm.

Stockholm is a vibrant and diverse city that offers a lot of activities for cruise passengers.

Hotels Offer to Stockholm
This attractive hotel packages in Stockholm valid until 09.06.2015. Two nights on board and one night on a deal hotel - enjoy a refreshing mini-vacation! Combine any any of our contractual hotel in Stockholm.

Tough Viking tour took the Haga Park in Stockholm on Saturday. With his monster obstacles, star-DJs and well-stocked line-up was the festival atmosphere in the thriving English-style Haga Park.

Tough Viking is really a hard race with really tough challenges and that may not be for everyone?

On August 29 will Tough Viking back to Stockholm, you are craving of 15 km death-assault so sign up you! Next stop for Tough Viking gets Oslo, good luck!

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Ship Viking Grace: Ferry luxury

Viking Grace is the newest and most spectacular of the ships will sail the Baltic sea. It was completed in January 2013 at STX Finland's Turku shipyard to Perno. Grace is the world's first passenger aircraft, which is used as fuel liquefied natural gas (LNG). This ship and many other solutions make it one of the world's most environmentally friendly. The vessel is filled with the Stockholm daily from Grace for planned refueling on board. The ship has already reached a lot of domestic and international attention for its construction and during its first year of operation.

The vessel interior is unique.The vessel has a lot of beautiful details and clear in a single line can be seen everywhere.

- They have said that this reduces a lot the food, but it is nonsense if we just look at a ship. I'm surprised that Viking Line not take the chance to make a PR win. They put themselves at a huge risk, in that people are cursing the ship.

Sunday, 24 May 2015

The best Cruises experience on Viking

Viking Ocean Cruises has already beyond the Viking Star three cruise ships ordered, and the company said bookings for cruises in the company are going

The Viking wants to operate in the luxury segment with a concept of 100% from the all inclusive trips to the internet on board, laundry service and rooms, rates, and other details.

Other cruise concepts of Viking Ocean Cruises is that the passenger can spend more time at each port with overnight stays in ports and causing the client to be able to enjoy the best experience on board.

Whether the Viking Star wants the remaining cruise ships ever ordered by Viking have only suites with private balcony and there are no indoor or outdoor booths.

You can learn more about Viking Star by clicking here.

Friday, 22 May 2015

Viking Line ferry from Helsinki

Cruise with the Viking Line company - is a delight the best of traditional Scandinavian cruises, and its famous hospitality at extremely affordable prices!

Viking Line ferry from Helsinki is the best company making trips and terminals destination ports are located in central and favorable locations, which can be reached even on foot centers. The service has always been the strengths of the Viking ships, and provided the buffet are price and quality against the best, as opposed to Tallink. Cabins Viking Line vessels are clean and spacious, and the ships of my personal favorite is Gabriella, because it provides a cabin with a balcony.

Comfortable and modern ferries sail daily throughout the year between the city centers of Stockholm, Helsinki, Turku and Tallinn, as well as to the Aland Islands.

This can be recommended.

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Luxurious and spacious Viking River Cruises

The Viking company goes missing only the final touch in order to receive the guests, waiting to do so within two months. Getting now lacking the finishing touches on the equipment and interior decoration details, the first passengers of Viking Star are expected to reach 11 April, in the inaugural Mediterranean cruise.

The Viking also advanced that after construction of this ship are planned other two sister ships. The next day May 17 is scheduled the special ceremony of welcome.

Viking Torgil Hemming, will be the responsibility of the US company, Viking River Cruises, which held a contract with the Blue Douro for the next 5 years. Each vessel has the capacity to receive 106 passengers in 53 suites and extremely luxurious and spacious cabins. With the arrival of these two ships, the company thus increases its fleet to 10 vessels, with a capacity to carry about 1,000 passengers every week in the Douro.

Sunday, 17 May 2015

viking river cruises reviews tripadvisor

On a clear day the surface of the water like a mirror that reflects out on the ground of scenery is beautiful, Tasmanian. While enjoying the scenery, the river cruise you can enjoy a delicious lunch buffet here. It is a cruise of satisfaction over the full five and a half hours.Spacious Depart and boarded by Strahan comfortable ship, Tasmanian wilderness to the midst! Dense and Shigeru cool temperate zone spectacular mountains to the rain forest, can not be seen in the animals and plants we ... other forming a complex ecosystem in red-black water, powerful landscape has in store. And, the best part elegant lunch buffet is surrounded by such a nature that is to enjoy of this viking river cruises.

Tasmanian is to journey to discover the charm hidden deep inside that, please by all means try set foot.

Saturday, 16 May 2015

Enjoy your Helsinki-Tallinn ferries

Viking Line offers ferries between Finland and Estonia with the popular crossing Helsinki-Tallinn.

Viking Line ferry provides an impartial comparison service that gives you access to numerous timetables and fares few clicks. Compare Get the schedules and fares Viking Line with all alternative ferry companies before booking your ticket.Line offers ferries between Finland and Estonia with the popular crossing Helsinki-Tallinn.

Compare Get the schedules and fares Viking Line with all alternative ferry companies before booking your ticket.

Friday, 15 May 2015

2015 river cruises discounts

In recent years, Chinese cruise market is booming. 2015 China increased the number of cruise ships, flights increases. Royal Caribbean International cruise is one of the world's top ten, there is enough to ensure that the cabin design and services. "

Royal Caribbean International - MS Mariner of the Seas, with a total tonnage of 138,000 tons, with a total length of 311 meters, with a total width of 48 m, height of 15 floors, a total of 1,557 rooms, these data directly affect the recreational marine seaman on entertainment, dining with accommodation and other hardware facilities are adequate and complete playing comfort on board.

Now.Many river cruises lines with big discounts,if you want to travel,river cruises is great choice.

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Powerful ships - Viking Star Cruises

It is not the largest or the most powerful ships to sail the oceans of the world, but it is certainly one of the most successful year in the market for premium cruises.

The Viking Star Viking Cruises, only just come into service, but their reservation book is already full for a year or more depending on the source. One thing is certain, though he was expected by customers, it also responds fully to the will of its owner, the Norwegian Torstein Hagen, develop a series of modern and comfortable ships of modest size (47,800 tons) and able to create the concept shipping high level he imagined.

This beautiful unit along the French coast in recent days, we take the opportunity to take you to the discovery of new Viking Star, which will be officially inaugurated on May 17 in Bergen.

Crazy danube river cruises 2015

Cruise more and more populare in 2015, Adventures by Disney introduced for the home market of the Danube journey, not only vessels adjustment and transformation, but also a grand tour of Disney invited to join the activities planned and the scenario.

Danube tour will open next year, for a period of seven days in July sailed four times, in December will launch a Christmas-themed tourism projects, launched a new can carry 170 passengers AmaViola. Route in the port, including Germany Fels TSG, Budapest, Vienna and Bratislava, Slovakia.

River cruises is not the cruise industry's most eye who wins, but the tourism industry is still the most important trend.

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

2015 luxury viking river cruises European ships

Viking River Cruises operates the largest fleet of luxury ships in the world, specially built for river cruises. Backed by over 175 years experience in the rivers of Europe, Viking knows very well his field. Viking River Cruises invites you to discover the beautiful rivers of Europe, Russia and China with a fabulous river cruise where each itinerary promises rich discoveries in history and culture, as well as exceptional value for money. You can join the walking tours, excursions or complete circuits offered in each destination or visit at your convenience when you feel like it.

The European fleet of Viking offers boats with beautiful windows, sun decks for scenic walks and enjoy the scenery, welcoming lounges, libraries and charming restaurants. All cabins offer an exterior view and have a telephone, television, radio, ensuite private baths, and individually adjustable air conditioning.

This is an excellent time to book your 2015 trip! Opt for a luxury river cruise through Europe, Russia, Egypt and Asia and enjoy excellent deals with discount Book early on 2013 Cruises Viking. But you need to act now because this offer expires July 31, 2012. Plan your vacation thunder now because at these prices, the cabins will soon elapse!

What is included?
Cabins or exceptional external suites with a veranda, French balcony or a window, where development was focused on space, comfort and views with exquisite decor and furnishings including beds hotel, bath products high-end, with a TV infotainment system
Free shore excursions accompanied by experienced local guides, listening devices to hear the guide
Gourmet cooking primed by chefs trained in Switzerland for all meals included in the cruise
Wine, beer and free soft drinks served with lunch and dinner on board
Tea, coffee and cappuccino free anytime
Access to free Wi-Fi throughout the ship

Viking river cruises russia

Introduction of River Cruise Europe
River cruises, mainly in Amsterdam, Budapest-Passau arrival and departure, a small cruise ship is in service and through January to December year. 7 nights the main, also 3 nights and 10 nights like short-term and long-term courses there. Danube, the Rhine, Seine River Museums, monuments me can enjoy.

It is popular with discerning travelers such as husband and wife senior layer. Viking Uni World Ama Water Rufutona cruise ship company in service of. Vienna Nuremberg, Regensburg, etc. port calls of historic cities such as Germany, Austria, Hungary, France. Christmas market stroll also winter popular. Cheap rates also numerous. Only River Cruises cruise at our company, also enhance flight with-escorted tour.

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

2015 european river cruise ratings

Windstar Cruise: Star Breezes
This year, More and more Europe cruise tourists like Windstar Cruise: Star Breezes. Especially 2015.The preferred route is a 10 day sicily cruise. The route through Rome, Catania, Valletta, Gozo, Trapani, Sorrento and capri. Windstar Cruise can accommodate up to 212 passengers.

Viking Cruises: Viking Star
The Viking cruise routes across Europe North City, including Bergen, Stockholm, St Petersburg, Helsinki, Tallinn, Berlin, Copenhagen and Stavanger, gdansk. This is the first ocean Viking ship. In addition, the Viking star also includes the Mediterranean and Western Europe tour.

Compagnie Du Ponant: Le Lyrial
For the love of cruise passengers, this is an adventurous luxury cruise. The journey in August set sail departure for Athens, arrived in Dubrovnik on the seventh night. The most attractive is Croatia coast cruise.

Monday, 11 May 2015

The most popular river cruise line 2015

Viking River Cruises
The Viking cruise routes mostly in the Nordic city, including Stockholm, St Petersburg, Helsinki, Tallinn, Berlin, Copenhagen etc.. But it is the most exciting experts for cruise ships, because this is the first ocean liner Viking cruises. Viking Star Cruise tonnage reached 47800 tons, a total of 464 rooms, can accommodate 928 visitors. In addition, other Viking star trip also includes the Mediterranean and Western Europe tour.

Norway Cruise
Norway cruise company will be launched Norway escapes leisurely cruise in 2015. It is the most popular route is the Eastern Caribbean cruise itinerary, the starting point for Miami.

Azamara cruise ship
With Australia and New Zealand routes are becoming more and more popular, Azamara launched a 14 night cruise club in Bali Island - Great Barrier Reef route. Experts speculated that the reason or because of local interest in cruise increase. However, the development of this route to provide more choices for European and American tourists.

Sunday, 10 May 2015

viking river tours tripadvisor

Taiga line to represent Europe. Netherlands Canal and Kinderdijk windmills group, Germany Black Forest, a lot of old castle towering cliffs, attractions such as vineyards overlooking the valley full. From Amsterdam to Basel, Switzerland, Yuku beyond the four countries border on the Rhine, it is a big cruise of scale.

Best european river cruise lines

Enjoy the sea cruise tourism is a great tourist way. However, the sea water can allows you to experience the fun of water.

Viking cruises make a a new maritime flagship (Viking Star), the Viking star will be launched in May this year, the operation of the Baltic Sea and the Mediterranean route. Viking ship stern made an infinity pool. Visitors can enjoy the scenery in the pool.