Thursday, 31 July 2014

Best Viking River Cruises ship at sea with luxury, comfort and excellent quality

Travel along the rivers of Europe and Russia exploring fascinating closely and convenience of elegant ships destinations. The holidays are all inclusive round trip flight from the U.S.., Guide, luxury cabins and gourmet meals.

The best way to experience the most beautiful in Europe, its architecture, rich cultural heritage of its rivers.

Viking River Cruises is within the list of the 10 best small cruises, made by Conde Nast Traveler list.

Their ships, crew and staff speak English and their ships offer a casual atmosphere, enjoy the facilities of the type Gourmet food, shore excursions, and if you prefer you can choose the all-inclusive plan that includes tickets Cruise tour and ground transportation.

Viking Cruises visits at least one port a day where you can download and explore small towns that would be inaccessible arrive by cruise ship at sea.

Viking River Cruises has a fleet of 18 ships, each of different sizes, the larger will fit 212 passengers and has a crew of 114 people and the smallest has a capacity for 124 passengers and has a crew of 28 people.

Now Viking River Cruises offers tours of China, visiting major rivers in this country. The luxury and comfort you found with Viking River Cruises will not have any other because it is the best line of river boats.

If you ever imagine crossing the major rivers of the world with luxury, comfort and excellent quality of service, do not hesitate and venture out in Viking River Cruises.

Viking River Cruises

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