Thursday, 28 May 2015

Viking tour Stockholm

Sweden offers many activities and attractions to cruise passengers. Enjoy a fine holiday in the stylish Stockholm.

Stockholm is a vibrant and diverse city that offers a lot of activities for cruise passengers.

Hotels Offer to Stockholm
This attractive hotel packages in Stockholm valid until 09.06.2015. Two nights on board and one night on a deal hotel - enjoy a refreshing mini-vacation! Combine any any of our contractual hotel in Stockholm.

Tough Viking tour took the Haga Park in Stockholm on Saturday. With his monster obstacles, star-DJs and well-stocked line-up was the festival atmosphere in the thriving English-style Haga Park.

Tough Viking is really a hard race with really tough challenges and that may not be for everyone?

On August 29 will Tough Viking back to Stockholm, you are craving of 15 km death-assault so sign up you! Next stop for Tough Viking gets Oslo, good luck!

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