Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Ship Viking Grace: Ferry luxury

Viking Grace is the newest and most spectacular of the ships will sail the Baltic sea. It was completed in January 2013 at STX Finland's Turku shipyard to Perno. Grace is the world's first passenger aircraft, which is used as fuel liquefied natural gas (LNG). This ship and many other solutions make it one of the world's most environmentally friendly. The vessel is filled with the Stockholm daily from Grace for planned refueling on board. The ship has already reached a lot of domestic and international attention for its construction and during its first year of operation.

The vessel interior is unique.The vessel has a lot of beautiful details and clear in a single line can be seen everywhere.

- They have said that this reduces a lot the food, but it is nonsense if we just look at a ship. I'm surprised that Viking Line not take the chance to make a PR win. They put themselves at a huge risk, in that people are cursing the ship.

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