Monday, 11 May 2015

The most popular river cruise line 2015

Viking River Cruises
The Viking cruise routes mostly in the Nordic city, including Stockholm, St Petersburg, Helsinki, Tallinn, Berlin, Copenhagen etc.. But it is the most exciting experts for cruise ships, because this is the first ocean liner Viking cruises. Viking Star Cruise tonnage reached 47800 tons, a total of 464 rooms, can accommodate 928 visitors. In addition, other Viking star trip also includes the Mediterranean and Western Europe tour.

Norway Cruise
Norway cruise company will be launched Norway escapes leisurely cruise in 2015. It is the most popular route is the Eastern Caribbean cruise itinerary, the starting point for Miami.

Azamara cruise ship
With Australia and New Zealand routes are becoming more and more popular, Azamara launched a 14 night cruise club in Bali Island - Great Barrier Reef route. Experts speculated that the reason or because of local interest in cruise increase. However, the development of this route to provide more choices for European and American tourists.

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