Tuesday, 12 May 2015

2015 european river cruise ratings

Windstar Cruise: Star Breezes
This year, More and more Europe cruise tourists like Windstar Cruise: Star Breezes. Especially 2015.The preferred route is a 10 day sicily cruise. The route through Rome, Catania, Valletta, Gozo, Trapani, Sorrento and capri. Windstar Cruise can accommodate up to 212 passengers.

Viking Cruises: Viking Star
The Viking cruise routes across Europe North City, including Bergen, Stockholm, St Petersburg, Helsinki, Tallinn, Berlin, Copenhagen and Stavanger, gdansk. This is the first ocean Viking ship. In addition, the Viking star also includes the Mediterranean and Western Europe tour.

Compagnie Du Ponant: Le Lyrial
For the love of cruise passengers, this is an adventurous luxury cruise. The journey in August set sail departure for Athens, arrived in Dubrovnik on the seventh night. The most attractive is Croatia coast cruise.

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